Sonoton / APM Music


Harder As Featured in "Mortal Kombat 11" - Single


Ad Ready!: Home & Garden
Terror Squad As Featured in "Hell Fest" Film - Single
Straight from Hell As Featured in "Call of Duty: Black Ops III – 10/18 Black Market Trailer" - Single
Global Warning
Politics and Espionage
Game of Deception
Documentary Action Drama
Swingin' Five As Featured in "Crazy Rich Asians" Film - Single
Reality Bites
Action in Sports & Games
Dark and Light Drama
Music Featured in "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" Game - Single
Magical Adventures
Cinematic Treasures
Dramatic Tension Beds
You're All I Want As Featured in the TV Series "Modern Family" - Single
Crime Scene: Ominous, Dark & Tragic
Versatile Underscores
Soft Song As Featured in "Life of the Party" - Single, The
Dark Electronic Scores
Dreamin' As Featured in "the Shape of Water" Film - Single
Eternal Memories As Featured in "the Disaster Artist" Film - Single


Symphonic Landscapes
Sports Rock
Urban Future
Crime Scene: Modern TV Drama
Positive Soundscapes
Corporate Views
Positive Purpose
Docutrax 8: Dramatic Developments
Drone Update
Docutrax 7: Doom
Modern Life
Edgy & Simple
Remix Master Underscores
LA Rhythm Grooves
Crime Scene: Cinematic Drama
Orchestral Documentary
Crime Scene: Dark & Edgy
Through the Fire
Easygoing Daytime TV
Science & Technology
Intense Emotions
Commercials & Infomercials, Vol. 3
Minimalist Underscores
Garden of Wonders
Orchestral Emotions: Aspects of Love
News & the Economy
Dark Affairs, Vol. 2
Simply Minimal
Night Sky
Crime Scene: Forensic Science
Animal Tales
Simply Guitars
Future Today, The
Live Strings
Dramatic Dronescapes
Hard Muscle
Global Warning
Infernal Moods
Politics & Espionage
Animated Adventures
Underneath: Cinematic Drama
Commercials & Infomercials, Vol. 2
Family Matters


Thriller: Action and Psycho
Crime Scene: All You Need
Action and Emotion: Theme Sets - EP
Heroes and Legends, Vol. 2
Sounds of Science, Vol. 9
Sports Attack
Corporate Optimism
Electro Beds
Hot Grooves & Cool Beds
Electronic Groove Atmospheres
Emotive Piano
Indie Film Score Reload
Urban Drama Remixes, Vol. 2
Crime Scene: In the Shadows
Story Beds: Solo Piano
Drama, Suspense & Tension
Crime Scene: Action, Race & Chase
When Disaster Strikes
Money Matters: High Finance & Crime


Hybrid Action Rock
Crime Scene: Investigation and Research
String Power Remastered!
Blue Planet
Documentary Enterprise
Emotive Guitar Beds
Quirky Throwbacks
From Another Planet
A Stroll Through My Garden
Here's to the Winners
Less Is More
Action Hybrids
Dramatic Docutrax
Grudge Match
Natural World
Epic World Ventures
Current Technology Beds
Epic Armageddon
Minimalist Enterprise
Heroes & Legends, Vol. 1
Drama in Motion
Action Goes On, The
Power Zone
Spirit of Adventure, The
Total Action
Various Matters
Conflict and Victory
Emotive Strings
Source of Inspiration, The
Crime Scene: The Dark Side
A Caring World
Dramatic Reality
Urban Cool
Conflicts and Resolutions
Cinematic Apocalypse, Vol. 2
Orchestral Adventures
Cinematic Apocalypse, Vol. 1


Cops & Criminals
Essential Rhythm Beds, Vol. 2
On Air 12: Show Openers, Stings & Beds
Urbanworx, Vol. 2
Tots & Pops, Vol. 5
Useful Underscores: Various Moods
Docutrax, Vol. 4: War
Docutrax, Vol. 5: Aftermath of War
Dramatic Trailerwork, Vol. 2
Epic Electronica
Supersell Promos & Commercials, Vol. 12
Piano and Strings, Vol. 2: Mladen Franko


Kuzgun Original Tv Series Soundtrack
Sakura, Moyu. -as the Night's, Reincarnation- Music Collection
Aladdin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
My Fellow Citizens! Original Television Soundtrack, Pt. 4 - Single
Time Laps From "Janamaithri" - Single
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Robo Instructus
sono [Limited Edition]
One Love 2 Story Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - EP
Joker Original Motion Picture Soundtrack