Jake Kaufman

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Jake Kaufman
Jake Kaufman (Джейк Кауфман)
Also known as Virt
Birthdate 3 April 1981 • 39 years
Birthplace USA
Site http://jake.vgmix.com/
Total games 1
First work Power Overwhelming • 0
Last work Heroes • 2020
Total soundtracks 112
Most popuplar Red Faction: Guerrilla Official Soundtrack

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PCRed Faction: Guerrilla : Sound Design, Music Composition

















Guests and Program Details for MAGFest XI

Between January 3 to 6, MAGFest X will celebrate gaming and music with a four day festival in Washington D.C. Once again, the festival will combine game rooms with musical performances, guest speakers, and a party-like atmosphere. This year's event will feature numerous musical performers, including...

 29.12.2012    5264

Light-Hearted Score for Jake Kaufman's Adventure Time Released

Game publisher D3 publisher has released the soundtrack for 2D action-adventure game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! for streaming via Soundcloud. The music was written by prominent indie game composer Jake Kaufman, co-composer of 2012 AGMA winner for Best Score —...

 22.12.2012    3946

Game Music Bundle 4 Released

Following three successful predecessors, the Game Music Bundle 4 has been released. This time, the bundle includes the soundtracks for Retro City Rampage, Dear Esther, Spelunky, Indie Game: The Movie and Shoot Many Robots, some of which are among 2012 best indie game scores. While these...

 14.11.2012    1627

OverClocked ReMix Relaunches Final Fantasy VI Album Kickstarter

Game music remixing community OC ReMix have relaunched their FFVI Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise $30,000. While OC ReMix's upcoming FFVI tribute album, scheduled to encompass 5 CDs, will be distributed for free download via their website, the Kickstarter campaign will finance a limited run of...

 25.09.2012    1413

Double Dragon: Neon Soundtrack Broadcast

Majesco Entertainment will release Double Dragon: Neon, a flashy reboot of the classic beat 'em up franchise, tomorrow (September 11). The soundtrack for the title was produced by Jake Kaufman — classic game music lover and sound director of the game's developer WayForward Technologies. To coincide...

 11.09.2012    987

Jake Kaufman Scores Boot Hill Heroes

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the spaghetti western RPG Boot Hill Heroes is rounding up production and is scheduled to be released next month. Jake Kaufman has confirmed through Twitter that he is providing the music for the title, totalling 35 tracks. He describes the SNES-styled...

 11.09.2012    893

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