Ray'z Music Chronology

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Ray'z Music Chronology
Composed by Tamayo Kawamoto
Published by Zuntata Records
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Release date October 12, 2017
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Disc 1: [Rayforce] Sega Saturn Version
Disc 2: [Rayforce] Arcade Edition
Disc 3: [Rayforce] Remix Version (Rubbing Beat)
Disc 4: [Raystorm] Album Version (1997)
Disc 5: [Raystorm] Arcade Version and Remixes (-Neu Tanz Mix- Full versions, part 1)
Disc 6: [Raystorm] Remixes (-Neu Tanz Mix- Full versions, part 2)
Disc 7: [Raycrisis] Album Version (1999)
Disc 8: [Raycrisis] Arcade Edition
Disc 9: [Raycrisis] Remix Version (rayons de l'Air)
Disc 10: [Raystorm (Roche test version)] (Kako)
           [Raycrisis (PlayStation version)]
           [Pocket Ray (Pocket station)] (Kako)
           [ZUNTATA arrangement] Smartphone Edition for Ray song arrangements and long version x 3 (new)
           [Arrange BETTA FLASH] (New)
Disc 11: Bonus Disc included with the Limited DX Pack only, available at Ebten

Album was composed by Tamayo Kawamoto and was released on October 12, 2017. Soundtrack consists of tracks with duration over . Album was released by Zuntata Records.

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