Birthday Song, Requiem

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Birthday Song, Requiem
Composed by KEY (Jun Maeda)
Arranged by Atsuhiko Nakatsubo / Магомэ Тогоси / Ryo Okabe
Published by Key Sounds Label
Catalog number KSLA-0007
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Format 1 CD - 3 tracks
Release date December 28, 2002
Duration 00:17:28
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Following their successful collaboration on Air, songwriter Jun Maeda and vocalist Lia teamed up several other times. The first of these was Birthday Song, Requiem, a single featuring two original songs. While hardly one of Key's major releases, the music here is enjoyable.


All fans of Air's theme songs should check out "Birthday Song, Requiem". Once again, Jun Maeda wrote a rich melody and inspiring lyrics for this song. Arranger Magome Togoshi brings out the upbeat and airy feel of the song with pumping beats and electric guitar solos — all of them pop-flavoured, but never trashy. But the star of the show is Lia, who adapted her voice wonderfully for the song and penetrates the hearts of the listeners. The build-up that culminates at 3:11 is especially liberating.

The song also receives a remix by Fish Tone. The acoustic elements of the original are replaced by uplifting beats, but the vocals are left untouched. While a relatively conservative remix, it's almost as enjoyable as the original.

"Loving Heart" is a slower ballad. While many game artists lean towards producing melodramatic ballads, Jun Maeda avoided it here with his focus on ethereal soundscapes. Lia emphasises the warmth and spirituality of the song with a tender performance, while the various acoustic, electronic, and worldly forces come together to create a unique accompaniment. All the elements are implemented and mixed successfully, and there isn't a single bland sample or generic beat to be heard.


Those that enjoyed Air's theme songs should first heard for the mini-album Spica / Hanabi / Moon. Those desiring even more can't go wrong with Birthday Song, Requiem, a brief but poignant single.


Music in game


Chris Greening

all tracks lyrics & composed by Key (Jun Maeda)
all tracks vocals by Lia
track1 arranged by Magome Togoshi
track2 arranged by Ryo Okabe
track3 remixed by fishtone

Release dates:
2002/12/28~30 Comic Market 63
2004/06/25 General Sale
Album was composed by KEY (Jun Maeda) and was released on December 28, 2002. Soundtrack consists of 3 tracks tracks with duration over about 20 minutes. Album was released by Key Sounds Label.

CD 1

Birthday Song, Requiem
Loving Heart
Birthday Song, Requiem -fishtone remix-
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