Burn My Dread – Last Battle –

Музыка: Shoji Meguro
Исполнено: Yumi Kawamura

There’s no man’s land / no man ever survided
invisible hands’re / behinds you just now
If you ever win that / race against rage then
You’ll be the King coz / it’s no man’s land, for real

The Mask in heavy rain / ultimately slain
Make shadows slave / what they done is in vein
Carrying AK-47 (forty-seven) / 24*7 (twenty-four*seven) / but
You’ve got eleven / persecuted by heaven

Comes from the direction / no indication
You’ve got to / to let it move first
Let it out, let it down, let it inside let loose
Letting letting damn depressed / let’s get up

Then which gotte do is to / drop the hammer down
Drop rhyme drop hammer / digging like a labor
You’ve got blood all over / ash all over
Spit it out sion / game’s over

tear up your fear / the end is coming near
spit it out lilqqsrar / I’ll burn your dread

no soul robust all dust / we bust
justice to the man with no life