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Sean Beeson

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Sean Beeson Releases Ravensword: Shadowlands Album

Sean Beeson (Mecho Wars, Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion) has released the soundtrack for Ravensword: Shadowlands on his Bandcamp. The game is the sequel to the iOS landmark fantasy title Ravensword: The Fallen King. Beeson's score boasts a range of styles and mood, many adopting... Показать

 12.12.2012    4438

Sean Beeson Scores Power of Illusion

Sean Beeson (Aiko Island, Mecho Wars) has confirmed that he scored the 3DS platformer Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. This is a big break for the composer since, while prolific and experienced, the majority of his previous works have been low-key titles. He crafted an orchestral... Показать

 24.11.2012    1413

Sean Beeson Releases Epic Indie Score

Sean Beeson has released the soundtrack for the iPhone title Mecho Wars HD: Desert Ashes through Bandcamp. Though many won't be familiar with the game, the album channels a familiar epic orchestral sound reminiscent of Hollywood movies. The album release features all the in-game score and... Показать

 02.09.2012    1076

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