Владимир Грезнев
Vladimir V. Grezneff

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Владимир Грезнев
Известен как grezneff / Vladimir Grezneff / Vladimir Greznev
Birthplace Россия
Site http://grezneff.com/
Total games 2
I was born in 1975. Since 5 years of age I had been learning to play violin at musical school. Gradiuated from the Conservatory (Sound Director Department) and Ural Polytechnical Institute, alma mater of the first President of Russian Federation Boris Eltsin. I’ve been making advertisement teasers and entertnaining programs at radio stations (Silver Rain, Auto Radio FM 107) and TV channels. Since 2003 I’ve started working in video games industry in a capacity of a Sound Director at 1C Company, the biggest publisher, developer and distributor of computer and video games in Eastern Europe. In 2006 I engeneered Russian voice recording on the project «Black» from Electronic Arts. The activities which I have supervised included voice casting, sound recording, and directing Russian actors.

Сотрудник Студия Orange

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PCDungeon Cleaners : Voice actors, Sound engineers
PS2Black : Recording Engineer

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