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Hitman: Absolution Original Soundtrack

Hitman: Absolution Original Soundtrack. Буклет . Click to zoom.
Hitman: Absolution Original Soundtrack

Composed byDynamedion / Persille Ingerslev / Peter Kyed / Peter Peter / Povl Kristian / Thomas Bärtschi
Published bySquare Enix Europe
Release typeGame Soundtrack - Officially Unannounced
Release dateNovember 20, 2012
GenresAmbient / Ambient: Dark / Ambient: Electronic / Ambient: Experimental / Classical / Classical: Choral / Classical: Modern / Classical: Orchestral Music / Electronica / Electronica: Abstract / Electronica: Breakbeat / Industrial / Instrumental / Rock: Instrumental / Rock: Post-Punk / Score


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Latest update: 30.04.13

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  • Page views: 107168
  • Album achieved 15 place in our Hall of Fame
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    Hitman: Absolution Original Soundtrack



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