Garou Densetsu SPECIAL Image Album Part 1

Garou Densetsu SPECIAL Image Album Part 1. Front. Click to zoom.
Garou Densetsu SPECIAL Image Album Part 1
Composed by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranged by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan
Published by Pony Canyon
Catalog number PCCB-00152
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Format 1 CD - 10 tracks
Release date April 21, 1994
Duration 00:36:02
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The widespread success of Fatal Fury Special led SNK to produce a two-part arranged album series. Featuring arrangements of all the character themes from the score, these albums preserved the concept of the gameplay and inspiration behind the original music. Nevertheless, they often enhanced them by incorporating richer stylings and live instruments. The first arranged album features the majority of the character themes from Fatal Fury 2.


The opening arrangement of the title theme sets the scene with its showy guitar leads and exuberant voiceovers. While a little brief and dated, it does a great job of capturing the spirit of a fighting tournament. The team keep the energy levels high with a segue into Terry Bogard's "Kurikinton". Arranger KONNY massively enhances the repetitious, derivative original with a big band arrangement featuring charismatic trumpet leads and colourful guitar passages. While the tutti are fantastic, the crowning moment is the extended piano solo from the 1:30 mark, above the authentic backing of walking bass and drum kit. The canned audience noise maintains the arena atmosphere, though many will find it distracts from the arrangement. Many will also find the voice effects of "Working Matador" irritating, though the compelling rhythms and stylish Spanish guitar parts largely make up for it.

Some of the most enjoyable arrangements on the album elaborate on SNK's rock sound using true instruments rather than 90s synth. The themes for boss characters Billy Kane and Axel Hawk particularly stand out with their rock band performance. Electric guitarist Jun Kajiwara really brings these tracks to life with his mean riffs and flashy solos. The former even features some punk vocals, though — probably for the best — they aren't expanded upon. Cheng Sinzan's "Pangyago Houho" meanwhile is a fusion of rock stylings and traditional instruments. Though a few parts run flat, the majority of the composition is a vibrant and humorous expansion of the original. Another solid addition is "Brave Raiden" by Yoshihiko Kitamura, which drives the album towards its climax while preserving the arena rock sound.

The image album also features a song from the vocal single released in conjunction with the game. Entitled "The Beauties of Nature", it is a surprising arrangement of idol Mai Shiranui's theme. While Power Ranger's Reiko Chiba clearly resonated with young audiences in Japan, her youthful, untrained voice won't appeal to most Westerners. The melody also sounds contrived when presented on vocals. Despite being co-produced by Tenpei Sato, the arrangement isn't particularly convincing either. The passages featuring traditional Asian instruments are pleasant, but they clash terribly with the dated pop beats and cheesy string parts. In another questionable choice, the release ends with a full recording of Mozart's "Dies Irae", the basis of the final boss theme. Though a masterpiece composition, many regard it as a lazy addition to the game and it doesn't particularly suit the theme of the album.


This image album definitely captures the concept of a fighting tournament and the images of the featured characters. Some of the arrangements, especially those dedicated to Terry, Billy, and Lawrence, are massive improvements on their mediocre originals with their ambitious arrangements and entertaining performances. That said, this album falls short of being a must-have. Additions such as the crowd noise and vocal performance are likely to irritate most listeners, while a few tracks damage the arch of the album. What's more, it's frustrating that only a selection of Fatal Fury Special's character roster is featured here and that the album was produced with a second part in mind. While not a must-have, its highlights will make it worthwhile for dedicated series' fans.


Music in game


Chris Greening

Vocals on track 3 by Reiko Chiba.
Track 10 composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Produced by Yoshihiro Ohno for Scitron & Art Inc.
Directed by Fuyuki Ando for Scitron & Art Inc., Sadakichi. A for Scitron & Art Inc., Masaki Usui (Pony Canyon)

All Songs Compose & Words by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan
Arranged by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan

Arranger info from the liner notes:
  PAPAYA: 1, 5, 8
  KONNY: 2
  YAMAPY-1: 4
  Jojouha KITAPY: 7, 9
  MARIKO: 10

Single Sound Produced by Konny, Tenpei Sato
Words Advised by Takayuki Sawamura

Drums: Tatsuya Suzuki (1, 2, 5, 6, 7)
Electric Bass: Kiyofumi Onoda (1, 2, 5)
Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar: Jun Kajiwara (1, 2, 5, 6, 7)
Electric Guitar: Hiroaki Taniguchi (1)
Piano: Toshiharu Izutsu (2)
Back Chorus: Yuko Kawai (3)

Chorus Conductor: Yuu Miyadera
Coordinator: Hajime Asako
Soprano: Yasuko Ashida, Akane Ishii, hiroko Oguchi, Reiko Kitagawa, Rie Sasaki, Sachiko Shimamura, Yuriko Shiraki, Riko Takakura, Mari Haishima, Masae Hayashi, Eri Yokose, Kaori Abe
Alto: Hiroko Inoue, Eiko Koike, Kazuko Koike, Miaki Suzue, Katsuko Tamura, Ikue Matsuda, Emiko Miura, Makiko Miyasaka, Yuriko Yokota, Junko Wada, Chisa Shimizu
Tenor: Hideaki Ito, Toshinori Kanazawa, Kazuo Komagata, Akira Shinso, Akihiro Hayashi, Takao Mimura, Masatoshi Yokota, Nori Yoshida, Hajime Asako
Bass: Hideo Ishikawa, Norio Enomoto, Hirohisa Osaki, Katsumi Shiraishi, Yuji Seshima, Fumio Maruyama, Isao Takekoshi, Norifumi Koda

Recorded at Hitokuchizaka Studio 1st, 2st, 3st, Studio Groove, Studio Jive Ast.
Engineered by Masayuki Minato
2nd Engineered by Kenji Haga, Yuji Kuraishi, Atsuyuki Mori, Kenji Igarashi

Mastered by Kazuya Sato, Kazumi Nakayama

Design: Kyoko Komuro for Scitron & Art Inc.
Photographer: Ikuo Sugihara
Stylist: Megumi Sato (Free Base)
Hair & Make Up: Shinnosuke Yamada
Costume Design: Kouichi Kadomatsu (NMG)
Script Writer: Kimuyan・End

Special Thanks to Takashi Kaga (SNK), Toshiyuki Nakai (SNK), Hideki Fujiwara (SNK), Akio Nakamura (SNK), Kenji Ikeda (T&WAVE), Asatsu International Inc., C.M.C

Executive Producer: Kazusuki Obi for Scitron & Art Inc., Seiji Kuniyoshi (Pony Canyon)
Album was composed by Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and was released on April 21, 1994. Soundtrack consists of 10 tracks tracks with duration over about 40 minutes. Album was released by Pony Canyon.

CD 1

Garou Densetsu SPECIAL (Title)
Kurikinton (Terry Bogard)
The Beauties of Nature - Maiden Mai (Mai Shiranui -Album Version-)
Jubei (Yamada Jubei)
Pangyago Hoho (Cheng Sinzan)
London March (Billy Kane)
Kink Konk (Axel Hawk)
Working Matador (Lawrence Blood)
Brave Raiden (Big Bear -Neo Mix-)
Requiem in D Minor K.626 Dies Irae (Wolfgang Krauser)
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