DOFUS OST 2.0 - Tome 0, l’Âme des Douze: Origines

DOFUS OST 2.0 - Tome 0, l’Âme des Douze: Origines. Буклет. Click to zoom.
DOFUS OST 2.0 - Tome 0, l’Âme des Douze: Origines
Composed by Guillaume Pladys
Arranged by Michel Tremouiller
Published by Ankama
Release type Game Soundtrack - Official Release
Release date January 1, 2009
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Dofus, a well-received flash-based MMORPG developed by Ankama Games, was released in September 2004. Since then the music for the series, composed by Guillaume Pladys, has been released in several different forms, though none as complete as the current offering of six well presented box sets. Being the first one of the set, does Dofus OST Tome 0 -L'Âme Des Douze- Origines (aka Dofus OST Tome 0 -The Soul of the Twelve- Origins). comprise a compelling enough listen to continue onto others?


The album opens, quite fittingly enough, with "L'âme des Douze (Intro)", an introductory version of the main theme. The main theme, as presented herein, is dramatic, but not too overbearingly so, and the melody is enjoyably catchy. There's a curious, quick key change that sounds awkward at first, but grows on the listener. Given the nature of this introductory version, the piece as a whole flits a bit from melody to melody, quickly becoming more lighthearted, then darker again, until finally coming to a dramatic close with a repetition of the melody in a higher tempo. The main theme as presented slightly later in the soundtrack, "L'âme des Douze," is a bit less impressive, with over a minute of tension building material introducing the main theme, which barely gets half a minute of playtime.

Most of the soundtrack is comprised of themes for each of the twelve in-game character classes, all blended together without noticeable pauses. The themes mostly sound cinematic, though they are all pleasantly distinct from one another. Some display a proclivity for chromaticisms, such as the sometimes awkward but ultimately enjoyable "Le sablier Xélor," whereas others are more lighthearted and mysterious, such as "Les mains D'Eniripsa," and some are heroic, best shown by "Le coeur D'Iop." Blending the pieces together into what is essentially one long track is an interesting move, causing the whole album to feel like an extended stream of consciousness. Great care was taken to ensure the experience seamlessly switches tone and melodies, and the end result is quite endearing, though the tracks oftentimes take on a bit of extra atmospheric baggage at the beginning before the theme itself starts playing.

All thirteen tracks, with the exception of the main theme's repetition, have piano versions. Arranged by Michel Tremouiller, these are placed at the end of the album as a bonus. These arrangements are short but quite pleasant, if not a bit simplistic. There is certainly no harm in their bonus inclusions.usion.


This first musical foray into the world of Dofus is not a particularly stunning experience. None of the tracks in particular stand out. However, all the pieces are distinct from one another and nothing sounds out of place either. Everything is pleasant to listen to, and without proper track breaks, the album sort of glides over the listener, creating an enjoyable hours listen. I can't outright recommend the album, but there's nothing to dislike about it either, and it's rarely boring. Fans of cinematic music with a bit of flair that are looking for something new should be pleased.


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