Manhattan Production Music


Emotional Strings and Piano
Aspirational Piano and Strings
Rising, Ramping, Building


Epic Urban
Trailer Sound Design
Trailer Pods
Voices of Peril
Symphonic Choir Metal
Cello and Piano
Modern Drones
Whimsical Romance
Minimalist Electronic Beats & Beds
Cinematic Action
Panic and Fear


Dangerous Adventure: Epic Movie Trailer Classics
Orchestral Insanity: Extreme Trailer Music
Symphonic Metal: Explosive Orchestral Power
Sports in a Box: Sports Rock Anthems
Power & Glory: The Olympic Spirit
Weekend Update: TV Themes & Bumpers
Voyager: Travels to Other Worlds
Championship Season: Music for Sports
Coming Soon: Trailer Tracks & Movie Magic
Cartoon Comedy Corner
Politics, News & Sports
Pulse Race: Fast Paced Techno
Suspense & News
Urban Future: Uptempo House & Techno Pop
Cinema Magic: Dramatic Orchestral Scores
Call to Action: Dramatic Intense Themes
Discovery: Light Piano & Strings
War of the Worlds: Dark Bombastic Orchestral Themes
Action, Romance & Comedy
Ancient Cities: Traditional Music of the Mediterranean
Spaghetti Western: Newsreel & Nostalgic Film Music
Road Rage: Hard Driving Rock
Fire and Ice: Dark Orchestral Themes
Hi-Tech Corporate
Piano Reflections: Romantic Solo Piano
Dramatic Promos
Race To the Finish: Relentless Suspenseful Themes
Prime Time: Stylish TV Pop
Uplifting Piano & Strings
Percussive Action
Angry Drama: Tension Filled Themes
Illusions: Magical Electro Fantasy Themes
Majestic Symphony: Grand Orchestral Themes
Hollywood in a Box
Percussive Drama: Pulsing Cinematic Electronic Themes
Planet Vision: Music for Relaxation & Meditation
Film Fest: Diverse Cinematic Themes
Media Blitz: Electronic News Themes
Pulsing Drama
Melancholy Violin: Bittersweet Emotional Moments
Global Corporate
Textures & Layers
Dramatic Action
Fire & Fury: Dramatic Percussive Themes
Promo Driver
Main Event: Driving Sports Pop, The


Final Boss: Epic Video Game Tracks
Reign in Fire: Cinematic Epic Scores
Young Love: Romantic Comedy & Dramedy
Fires of War: Cinematic Epic Scores
Extra Life!: Electronic Video Game Themes


Gentlemen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Полицейский с Рублёвки. Новогодний беспредел 2 Музыка к сериалу
Лёд 2 Музыка к фильму
Jumanji: The Next Level Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Birds of Prey: The Album
Donne-moi des ailes
Borderlands 3 Original Game Soundtrack
Joker Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Metro Exodus: Sam's Story
Bad Boys For Life Soundtrack