Хидэки Такахаги
Hideki Takahagi

Хидэки Такахаги. Click to zoom.
Хидэки Такахаги
Известен как 高萩 英樹 (たかはぎ ひでき) / Dr.HAGGY / HAGGY
Birthplace Япония
First work Eternity
Last work reZonance world ~ZUNTATA 30th ANNIVERSARY~ [Limited Edition]
Total soundtracks 10
Most popuplar COZMO ~ZUNTATA 25th Anniversary~

Входит в Zuntata, Junkie As Machine

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Zuntata Produce 25th Anniversary Album

On October 31, Zuntata Records will release a special album <a href="http://zuntata.jp/lineup/zttl0068.html" target="_blank">COZMO</a> to commemorate 25 years of the Taito sound team. The regular edition will two discs, namely: Disc 1: Future Disc - Features brand new original tracks from the 12 musicians Disc 2: Legend Disc -... Показать

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