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08.01.2014     Alien: Isolation Pays Homage to Jerry Goldsmith's Aliens Score
08.01.2014     Shota Kageyama Leaves Game Freak and Goes Independent
05.01.2014     Original Composers Return to Remix Final Fantasy HD
02.01.2013     Christopher Tin Pens Calling All Dawns Sequel
01.01.2013     Kenji Ito to Hold Mana and SaGa Concert
29.12.2012     Guests and Program Details for MAGFest XI
29.12.2012     Ubiktune Announces Preschtale Variations
28.12.2012     New Music Details for Soul Sacrifice
27.12.2012     Pawel Blaszczak Releases Commodore-Inspired Original Album
27.12.2012     Chiptune Funk Album Blueshift Released
26.12.2012     Pre-Order Tim Wright's Psygnosis Tribute Album Now
23.12.2012     Lightning Returns Trailer Single Released
12.12.2012     Austin Wintory Scores Kickstarted Larry Remake
12.12.2012     Sean Beeson Releases Ravensword: Shadowlands Album
12.12.2012     FreQuency to Release Second Album
10.12.2012     Mark Knight Releases Original Chip Album
09.12.2012     Street Fighter x Mega Man Soundtrack Details
08.12.2012     Music Team Returns for Lightning Returns
06.12.2012     Journey Receives Grammy Nomination
06.12.2012     Key Releases Albums by MintJam and TAM
04.12.2012     Annual Game Music Awards 2012 :: Nominations Announced
30.11.2012     Music Details for Nintendo's Wii U Launch Games
30.11.2012     THQ Offers AAA Games/Soundtracks Bundle
30.11.2012     Jason Graves Scores Tomb Raider Reboot
25.11.2012     Third Soundtrack Released for Katamari Vita
24.11.2012     Sean Beeson Scores Power of Illusion
24.11.2012     Ciel no Surge Albums to be Released
24.11.2012     Three New Falcom Albums Announced
24.11.2012     Final Symphony Redux at London Barbican
23.11.2012     Internet Broadcast for East meets West - The Symphonic Concert Game Music Concert
23.11.2012     ZombiU Soundtrack Released
26.10.2012     Kimihiro Abe Confirms Basiscape Departure
12.10.2012     Etrian Odyssey IV FM Arrange Now Cancelled
10.10.2012     Mega Man Network Transmission Album Coming Ten Years Later
10.10.2012     All-Star Ragnarok Online Arrange Coming
10.10.2012     Cris Velasco Creates Hybrid Score for ZombiU
05.10.2012     Video Game Orchestra Album Funded
05.10.2012     Several Unusual New Projects for Hitoshi Sakimoto
02.10.2012     E.X. Troopers Soundtrack Coming
01.10.2012     Brandon Releases Album for Indie Demo
30.09.2012     25 Remixes for 25 Years of Final Fantasy
30.09.2012     Rock-Men to Release Second Album
29.09.2012     Set Listings for Symphony Hall Concert
29.09.2012     UnchainBlades Exxiv Albums Announced
29.09.2012     Darkside Chronicles Soundtrack Localised
29.09.2012     Metal Gear Rising Bonus Soundtrack
28.09.2012     Spy Hunter Composer / Soundtrack Details
28.09.2012     Two Disc Monster Hunter Concert Recording
27.09.2012     Music Details for New Call of Juarez
27.09.2012     Dust: An Elysian Tail soundtrack Announced
27.09.2012     Tsuyoshi Sekito Scores Flash-Based Legend World
26.09.2012     Music Team Shift for Dead or Alive 5
26.09.2012     Penka Kouneva Releases Orchestral Concept Album
25.09.2012     Portal 1 & 2 Compiled into Four CD Album
25.09.2012     Second Performance for 'East meets West'
24.09.2012     Trine 2 Expansion Soundtrack and Legendary Bundle Released
24.09.2012     Spencer Nilsen Onboard for Ecco Pitch
23.09.2012     Dragon Ball Z Budokai Scores Replaced Due to Plagiarism
21.09.2012     Concert for The World Ends With You
21.09.2012     Manga/Mobile Games for Ippo Yamada
20.09.2012     Fantasy Life Coming with Mini Soundtrack
19.09.2012     Newcomer Scores Shin Megami Tensei IV
19.09.2012     Kingdom Hearts Compilation Detailed
17.09.2012     CoLD SToRAGE Writes New Single
16.09.2012     Hisayoshi Ogura Scores iOS Shooter
15.09.2012     Music to Destroy Planets With
15.09.2012     Bemani, Soccer Music for Synthesized 4
14.09.2012     Masami Ueda Returns for Wii U's Bayonetta 2
13.09.2012     Masashi Hamauzu Writes Music to Photographs
12.09.2012     Salamander Factory Scores Project X Zone
12.09.2012     Crush 40 to Release Live Album
11.09.2012     Double Dragon: Neon Soundtrack Broadcast
11.09.2012     Jake Kaufman Scores Boot Hill Heroes
11.09.2012     Sampling Masters Put Albums on Bandcamp
10.09.2012     Tsuyoshi Sekito Scores Free-to-Play Crystal Conquest
09.09.2012     The Greatest Video Game Music 2 Detailed
09.09.2012     Soundtrack Details for Kickstarted Giana Project
08.09.2012     Jet Set Radio HD Soundtrack Details
07.09.2012     Michael Bross Scores Free-to-Play Titles
06.09.2012     Album Release for Motoi Sakuraba's Tales of Xillia 2
05.09.2012     David Wise Scores Indie Project Tengami
05.09.2012     Noriyuki Iwadare Returns for Ace Attorney 5
05.09.2012     Final Fantasy Vinyl Box Announced
05.09.2012     Grant Kirkhope Confirms Next Destination
05.09.2012     Soundtrack for Gunhound EX Limited Edition
04.09.2012     Square Enix's Tokyo Game Show CD Lineup
04.09.2012     Album Series for Shinji Hosoe's Works
03.09.2012     James Hannigan Joins Dead Space 3 Score
03.09.2012     SuperSweep, Others for Shooter Ginga Force
02.09.2012     Manabu Namiki's Activities Post-Basiscape
02.09.2012     Soundtrack for Of Orcs and Men Announced
02.09.2012     Music Compilation for Command & Conquer
02.09.2012     Composers Return for Rayman Legends
02.09.2012     Kickstarter for Rockestral Concert Album
02.09.2012     Earthbound Papas Score Two New Titles, Unchained Blades and Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
02.09.2012     Zuntata Produce 25th Anniversary Album
02.09.2012     Sean Beeson Releases Epic Indie Score
01.09.2012     Final Fantasy Legends Receives Theme Song
01.09.2012     Black Ops II Soundtrack Details
01.09.2012     Final Fantasy XIV Digital Albums Released with Errors
01.09.2012     Mists of Pandaria Soundtrack Details
01.09.2012     Troels Folmann Scores Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
01.09.2012     Daniel Licht Scores Dishonored
01.09.2012     Dragon Quest X Symphonic Suite Coming
01.09.2012     Bond Film Composer David Arnold Returns for 007 Legends
01.09.2012     Chiptune Albums for Final Fantasy VII - X
01.09.2012     Guests Announced for Final Symphony
01.09.2012     Borderlands 2 Composers / Album Detailed