Mikio Saito

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Mikio Saito
Also known as めたるゆうき / めたるゆーき / メタルゆうき / メタルユキ / メタルユーキ / 斉藤幹雄 / 斎藤幹雄 (さいとうみきお) / METAL YUHKI / Metal Yuki / Metal Yuuki / Metal Yuuki Group / Mikio Saitou
Birthplace Japan
Total games 3
First work Tecmo Game Music • 1986
Last work Tokimeki Idol Song Collection 2 / Tokimeki Idol project • 2019
Total soundtracks 25
Most popuplar Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collections BOX
Member of Konami Kukeiha Club

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TurboGrafx-16Castlevania: Rondo of Blood : Sound Staff (メタル ユーキ)


ArcadeStrato Fighter : Sound composers (Metal Yuhki)


NESNinja Gaiden : Composer

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Last update:
Comrade Mikio Saito is on the 858 place in our Hall of Fame. Next one is Gloom Tek.


Sakura, Moyu. -as the Night's, Reincarnation- Music Collection
Aladdin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
My Fellow Citizens! Original Television Soundtrack, Pt. 4 - Single
Time Laps From "Janamaithri" - Single
Test Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Robo Instructus
sono [Limited Edition]
One Love 2 Story Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - EP
Joker Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Sign -Houigakusha Yuzuki Takashi no Jiken- Original Soundtrack -Complete Edition-