Jessica Curry

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Jessica Curry
Also known as
First Work PlayStation SOUNDTRACKS Volume 5 • 0
Last Work LITTLE ORPHEUS • 2020
Total Soundtracks 24
Most Popuplar Dear Esther Official Soundtrack

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Game Music Bundle 4 Released

Following three successful predecessors, the Game Music Bundle 4 has been released. This time, the bundle includes the soundtracks for Retro City Rampage, Dear Esther, Spelunky, Indie Game: The Movie and Shoot Many Robots, some of which are among 2012 best indie game scores. While these... Показать

 14.11.2012    2866

Dear Esther wins TIGA Award for Sound

Dear Esther, one of 2012' most discussed indie game releases, was the big winner at the 2012 TIGA Awards, taking home six awards. One of these was awarded for the game's audio design, created by composer and sound designer Jessica Curry. Curry'sremarkable score for Dear Esther's... Показать

 03.11.2012    2030

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