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Ari Pulkkinen

Ari Pulkkinen photo. Ari Pulkkinen
Ari Pulkkinen
Ari Pulkkinen
Ari Pulkkinen

Official sitehttp://aripulkkinen.com/
Also known asartz / Ари Палккинен
Birth placeFinland
Total games15
First workShadowgrounds Original Soundtrack 2006
Last workCompass Point: West - Single 2015
Total soundtracks24
Most popularShadowgrounds Original Soundtrack

Biography and facts

Ari Pulkkinen full game list


PCTrine 2 : Composer
Xbox 360Trine 2 : Composer
PS3Trine 2 : Composer
Xbox 360Outland : Sound, Composer
PS3Outland : Sound, Composer
PSPAngry Birds : Sound, Composer


AndroidAngry Birds : Sound, Composer
iPhoneAngry Birds HD : Sound, Composer
NDSAngry Birds : Sound, Composer
PS3Angry Birds : Sound, Composer


iPhoneAngry Birds : Sound, Composer
PS3Dead Nation : Sound, Composer
PCTrine : Composer


PCShadowgrounds Survivor : Sound, Composer


PCShadowgrounds : Music, Sound Effects, Trailers

Все новости о Ari Pulkkinen


Trine 2 Expansion Soundtrack and Legendary Bundle Released

After his playful and colourful scores for Trine and Trine 2 have become popular with fans of melody-oriented game soundtracks, Ari Pulkinnen has released the soundtrack for Trine 2's first downloadable content, Trine 2: The Goblin Menace. The soundtrack spans nine tracks — including one WiiU exclusive composition — and clocks in at 28 minutes. It is available from Pulkinnen's online store for 4.95 Euros and via iTunes. Pulkinnen's online store also offers the Trine Soundtrack Legendary Bundle, a collection of all three Trine scores released so far.

Recent update: 28.09.12


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