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Ari Pulkkinen

Ari Pulkkinen photo. Ari Pulkkinen
Ari Pulkkinen
Ari Pulkkinen
Ari Pulkkinen

Official sitehttp://aripulkkinen.com/
Also known asartz / Ари Палккинен
Birth placeFinland
Total games15
First workShadowgrounds Original Soundtrack 2006
Last workOUTLAND Original Soundtrack 2014
Total soundtracks18
Most popularShadowgrounds Original Soundtrack

Biography and facts

Ari Pulkkinen full game list


PCTrine 2 : Composer
Xbox 360Trine 2 : Composer
PS3Trine 2 : Composer
Xbox 360Outland : Sound, Composer
PS3Outland : Sound, Composer
PSPAngry Birds : Sound, Composer


AndroidAngry Birds : Sound, Composer
iPhoneAngry Birds HD : Sound, Composer
NDSAngry Birds : Sound, Composer
PS3Angry Birds : Sound, Composer


iPhoneAngry Birds : Sound, Composer
PS3Dead Nation : Sound, Composer
PCTrine : Composer


PCShadowgrounds Survivor : Sound, Composer


PCShadowgrounds : Music, Sound Effects, Trailers

Все новости о Ari Pulkkinen


Trine 2 Expansion Soundtrack and Legendary Bundle Released

After his playful and colourful scores for Trine and Trine 2 have become popular with fans of melody-oriented game soundtracks, Ari Pulkinnen has released the soundtrack for Trine 2's first downloadable content, Trine 2: The Goblin Menace. The soundtrack spans nine tracks — including one WiiU exclusive composition — and clocks in at 28 minutes. It is available from Pulkinnen's online store for 4.95 Euros and via iTunes. Pulkinnen's online store also offers the Trine Soundtrack Legendary Bundle, a collection of all three Trine scores released so far.

Recent update: 28.09.12


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